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"History of Black Entrepreneurship Very Important" said Bank President Alden McDonald

(New Orleans, LA) The mid-city home of Smith Wendall Green, an African American millionaire who made his fortune as a grocer early in the 20th century, was successfully "lifted" from its site at 219 S. Miro St. last week after preservationists and the City of New Orleans worked with the U.S. Veterans Administration to save the historic home from demolition. Built in 1928 by the architects of the Louisiana Governor's Mansion and Charity hospital, the Green Mansion is considered a rare example of an opulent turn-of-the-century African-American home.  Paul Sylvester, proprietor of Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club, and his partner Terry Mogilles, own the property. "When we found out the history of the home, it blew us away," Sylvester said.  "That only made us more determined to make sure this house is saved."

Alden McDonald, President and CEO of Liberty Bank & Trust Company, said the bank is honored to help preserve this slice of history.  "The accomplishments of the black community in the early 20th century were significant. There was a lot of entrepreneurship," McDonald said. "Just think, S.W. Green was the richest black man in New Orleans with a fortune of over 10 million dollars.  He also owned a major commercial building in downtown New Orleans. And now, we are fortunate to have an entrepreneurial couple who want to save the Green mansion and ensure his legacy survives. Liberty Bank will be working with the owners of this property to not only preserve history, but to showcase it."

Liberty Bank's mission is to serve as a catalyst for economic and community development while generating a fair return to shareholders and being an excellent corporate citizen. "Liberty Bank wants to preserve the culture, to preserve the heritage, and afford the African American community an opportunity to participate in the development of this city and its neighborhoods."

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