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In The Community

At Liberty Bank, we provide the communities we serve with access to capital and promote local economic growth through our community development programs.

Our mission in the community.

Liberty's mission is to provide cost-effective delivery of high quality, innovative, customer driven financial products and services to diverse markets with a focus on disadvantaged minority communities who have traditionally been underserved. Concurrent with the bank's mission, Liberty strives to maintain the Company's status as a catalyst for economic and community development while generating fair returns to shareholders and being an excellent corporate citizen.

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In The Community

At Liberty Bank, we provide access to capital and promote local economic growth through our community development program. We are a government-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), which provides support and banking products to empower underserved populations.

Who We Impact

Liberty Bank partners with investors to accomplish good works in cities and communities from coast to coast. We join forces to bring financial services and resources to people and places that have traditionally been overlooked.

How We're Different

As a CDFI, we can do what a lot of other banks can't. Backed by federal deposit insurance, investor capital and grants, we partner with cities and communities across the nation to give them access to economic opportunities such as affordable housing, business development and simply fair financial products. With our unique structure and scope, we serve as a catalyst for positive change in the growing number of communities we serve.

Opportunities For Investors

At Liberty Bank, we're proving that if you lend and invest wisely, you provide a solid return to investors and manage capital responsibly while connecting underserved customers to the financial mainstream. Liberty Bank is the ideal financial partner for corporations, government entities and foundations that are interested in developing communities. If you share our mission of serving the underserved, please call on us today.

What Is "The Freedom Effect"?

The Freedom Effect is an inspiring video about a bank that is building a better economic future for the world as a whole, showing how individuals can impact communities who need assistance with economic development.


House Your Community

Liberty has provided thousands of first-time homebuyers with affordable mortgages, low interest rates, flexible underwriting requirements, low down payments and ongoing personal financial counseling. We are changing the way mortgage services are delivered to the underserved market and underserved neighborhoods—and improving the standard of living in the process. Learn more about our Community Restoration Programs.


Educate Your Community

Liberty Bank helps empower young people in impoverished areas by allocating resources to rebuild the educational system through sponsorship of local school sports teams, raising funds and sustaining a high-level presence in neighborhood schools within our markets. We see a distinct obligation to serve the next generation of Americans well by addressing long-standing economic disparities. From creating curriculum to recruiting and preparing young people for careers, we use our extensive network of connections with community partners to meet the demand for better opportunities for all.


Serve Your Community

There are many banks, but many people still lack a banking account of any kind. For more than 30 years, Liberty has built trust in communities; developed business and community development strategies that work; offered free financial literacy seminars and workshops; created user-friendly financial products that meet the target market's needs; and provided flexible banking services to people who have been routinely underserved by the traditional financial system, helping them manage and grow their assets as well as live financially free.


Free Your Community

Liberty Bank has committed to serving critically underserved communities with innovative thinking and flexibility, serving as a major charitable donor and sponsor of events, cultural activities, educational fundraising, athletic and other activities, especially those community involvement efforts catering to underserved groups. Liberty Bank, working in tandem with its investors and community development service partners, has already received significant nationwide recognition for revitalizing communities and creating freedom—and you can be a part of it. Join us in creating resources, opportunities and sustained progress for economically disadvantaged people and communities. We're making families more self-sufficient, business markets stronger and entire cities more promising employment markets.


Get Involved

To get involved, we invite you to contact us. Please, do get involved.

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