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Creating Opportunities. Liberty has a more than a 35-year history of providing financial opportunities to underserved communities. We promote financial literacy, healthy asset building and sustainable banking practices that lead to stronger individuals, families, businesses, communities and cities. We create opportunities for those who can least afford them–shifting the burden, leveling the playing field–and we proudly fulfill our responsibility as a responsive, dedicated and steadfast community advocate.

Liberty Bank has committed to serving critically underserved communities with innovative thinking and flexibility, serving as a major charitable donor and sponsor of events, cultural activities, educational fundraising, athletic and other activities, especially those community involvement efforts catering to underserved groups. Liberty Bank, working in tandem with its investors and community development service partners, has already received significant nationwide recognition for revitalizing communities and creating freedom–and you can be a part of it. Join us in creating resources, opportunities and sustained progress for economically disadvantaged people and communities. We're making families more self-sufficient, business markets stronger and entire cities more promising employment markets.

Liberty Bank helps empower young people in impoverished areas by allocating resources to rebuild the educational system through sponsorship of local school sports teams, raising funds and sustaining a high-level presence in neighborhood schools within our markets. We see a distinct obligation to serve the next generation of Americans well by addressing long-standing economic disparities. From creating curriculum to recruiting and preparing young people for careers, we use our extensive network of connections with community partners to meet the demand for better opportunities for all.

To get involved, we invite you to contact us.

Louisiana – 504-240-5135
Mississippi – 601-987-6732
Kansas/Missouri – 913-233-7005
Michigan – 313-873-3310

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