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Customer Care

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Customer Care Center

(504)-240-5288 or (800) 883-3943

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24-Hour Telephone Banking

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Banking With Liberty

Get pointed in the right direction and find answers to common questions regarding the customer journey at Liberty Bank & Trust.

What are the step-by-step instructions for a New Login setup?

  • Click 'Go To Sign In' and then Select Your Account Type
  • Then, Enter your Access ID and click Submit.
  • Enter your password (NOTE: Your password has not been changed).
  • Double check your e-mail address.
  • Choose and answer questions whose answers you will not forget.
  • Select whether or not your computer is personal or public. (NOTE: Computers used by several people should be deemed public. Users will be prompted to answer one of your questions before accessing your account.)

Where did the password go?

Liberty Bank is implementing the new FDIC mandated Login procedures called Multi Factor Authentication. This new login procedure provides more security to you, the customer. Your password will be requested after you enter your access code.

What is an Access ID?

Your Access ID is your Online Banking username. In most cases, your Access ID is your account number unless you chose another username.

What is the Forgot Your Password link?

Only click Forgot Your Password if you do not know your password. After you enter your Access ID (username), our website will send your current password to your registered e-mail address.

What is the Routing Number for Liberty Bank?

Please use the following Liberty Bank and Trust routing number for transactions:


Where can I find my Account Number?

The account number is included on statements.

To access a statement:

  • Sign In to online banking.
  • Select the Account.
  • Click on Documents.
  • Select the Account, Document Type (Statement), and Date Range.
  • Click Submit.
  • Select any Statement from the available documents.

The full account number can be found on the first page of the statement.

If you are a new banking customer without access to online banking nor a statement, your account number can be found on the signature card that you signed when the account was opened.

What can I do with Online & Mobile Banking?

  • Get current balance information when you need it.
  • View previous activity and search transaction history.
  • Transfer funds between your Liberty accounts.
  • Access and print account statements.
  • Manage stop payments.
  • Export account information to your personal financial management software.
  • And, you can even view images of your checks online.

How can I reorder checks for my account?

Existing account holders can re-order checks at anytime via the Account Login screen by clicking 'Reorder Checks', or you can click here.