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Whether you're gearing up to invest in your first home or looking for a timely solution to an unexpected expense, the dedicated financial experts at Liberty Bank can help you secure a loan that's precisely suited for your unique needs. Stop by your local Liberty Bank branch, and let a member of our team work with you to find solutions that meet your budgetary demands.

Loans We Offer

At Liberty Bank, we've developed our selection of personal lending services to address the diverse needs of our customers. Regardless of your financial situation, we'll help you determine precisely how much you can borrow, along with the interest rate you can expect when borrowing from Liberty Bank. We'll also explore any other options that may be available

Loan options available through Liberty Bank include:

Home Mortgage Loans

From fixed-rate to adjustable-rate mortgages, we're proud to offer an assortment of loans designed to help you pay for your dream home.

Personal Loans

Freedom Fast Loans are Liberty Bank's unsecured personal loans. Available at amounts up to $10,000, these loans are an excellent choice if you need financing fast.

Personal Line of Credit

Liberty Bank offers revolving personal lines of credit for use whenever you require additional funds. You'll pay finance charges only when the line's used, and we strive to keep annual fees low.

Automobile Loans

For many, a working vehicle is an everyday necessity. That's why we offer flexible loans with competitive interest rates for both new and used vehicles.

Home Equity Loan

These fixed-rate loans allow you to leverage your home's value to access funds for anything from home improvement projects to college education costs.

Home Equity Line of Credit

This financial solution blends the benefits of a revolving personal line of credit with the effortless access to funds offered by a home equity loan.

Financing at Your Fingertips

Here at Liberty Bank, we work to make the lending process simple. Looking to land your loan as quickly as possible? Fill out our online application form, and we'll get back to you. Otherwise, visit us in person at a Liberty Bank location near you. For more information on our financing options, get in touch today.

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