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Creating an effective financial savings plan doesn't just help ensure that you're equipped with the funds for a prosperous and exciting future – versatile accounts deliver valuable peace of mind by helping you prepare to handle whatever life throws your way. Whether you're looking for an opportunity to start a savings account of your own or seeking to grow your funds with a certificate of deposit, Liberty Bank can help guide you along the path to financial security.

Our Savings Services

At Liberty Bank, starting your own savings account is simple, even if you're a banking beginner. Simply visit your local branch, and a member of our team will help you open a savings account that best accommodates your financial goals.

Liberty Bank savings services include:

First Savings Accounts

True to their name, these accounts are the perfect choice for first-time account holders. They're open for use by customers under the age of 17, there's no minimum balance and the opening fee is just $50.

Personal Savings Account

Requiring only $50 to open, these flexible accounts gather interest on balances of any size. A generous APY helps you reach your savings potential.

Capital Asset Fund

Though these funds require $2,500 to open, easy access to your deposited balance via check or debit card makes capital asset funds an exceptionally flexible savings option.

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

These certificates are the perfect choice for the strategic saver. Available with flexible terms between three months and five years, Liberty Bank's CDs require a starting minimum deposit of $1,000.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Liberty Bank offers traditional IRAs, alongside Roth, Education and Rollover options to help address the diverse needs of our many customers. These accounts require only $500 to open, and contributions may be tax-deductible.

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Designed for Your Convenience

After you've determined which of our savings services complement your unique financial situation, you'll enjoy access to a range of convenient features developed to make banking simple. That means 24/7 Telebank service, online banking and monthly statements that can deliver for one or all of your accounts based on your preferences.

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For more information about the financial services available through Liberty Bank, contact us today. Ready to open your savings account? Stop by a Liberty Bank branch near you or apply online.

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